Our Mission

Aiming towards Total Quality and Excellence, MAZAQ will continuously inform, train and motivate its manpower, make clear agreements and honor them; improve services provided within the scope of such agreements; work according to effective, efficient and integrated methods; and measure the quality of its workmanship and discuss this openly with everyone concerned as these are the foundation stone of continuity and profitable growth, and as the means to fulfill the expectations of our clients.

Total Quality and Excellence are considered the outcome of constant and systematic improvement of MAZAQ's organization, its manpower and services. MAZAQ adheres to the requirements of society as expressed in laws, statutes, rules and regulations with regards to environment, safety, health, energy and social aspects.

"When you know that total quality and excellence count, call the people that have experience to get the job done for you".

Our Vision

MAZAQ’s vision is to be premiere global construction Service Company, balancing individual value of its empowered staff with a central knowledge base derived from its experience in order to provide continuous and uniform high quality services to its customers. Clients will benefit from MAZAQ's history in building construction, electromechanical works, roads construction and experience in building communications sites. Projects are spear¬headed by industry veterans knowledgeable in all aspects of construction.

As for the telecommunications industry, our goal is to be the best in this field. We promise a relentless commitment to becoming the best among the telecommunication companies. Our company is determined to meet the demand of our clients, overcome any challenge and adapt in its quest to be the very best. Full efforts are being undertaken to make the company a symbol of high quality and excellence.